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Cat’s Eye (Lehsunia)

Cat’s Eye (Lehsunia)

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The Cat’s eye, Lehsunia or Vaiduria is a gemstone that represents the planet of Ketu as per astrology. According to the sacred texts, two color variants of the stone are to strengthen or pacify the planet of Ketu. This gemstone is opaque and hot in constitution. The planet Ketu leads to karmic influences on one’s horoscope and it is generally accepted that during this period an individual would get results as per their Karma may it be good or bad. Similar to a Blue Sapphire that is a gemstone of Saturn, the Cat’s eye gemstone is a very strong gemstone that lead to sudden results. It is important for one to go through a trial period of three days to make sure whether this gemstone suits them or not. As per sacred texts, this gemstone is known to bring back Nasht Lakshmi (the wealth that is suddenly lost).


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